volunteer Opportunities

God has given every one of us special gifts and talents. And guess what...He wants us to use those gifts to help others. Answering our call for help could be the perfect opportunity to do just that. Remember all the times you have said to yourself, "I want to make a difference"? Now is your chance.

Volunteer helping

Please call in advance

Letting us know well in advance of your desire to serve will allow us an opportunity to schedule you and other volunteers to best fill our patrons needs and yours.

Some simple rules volunteers should know:

1) Wear appropriate clothing when you come to volunteer. Nothing revealing, no short shorts, no open toed shoes or flip flops. Crocs are ok but tennis shoes/sneakers are your best bet. You can wear shorts and tank tops as long as they are in good taste, which probably means they aren’t on the cover of Style, Cosmo, or Glamour Magazine.

2) While serving, you have to wear a hair net and gloves at ALL times! Long hair should also be tied back. This is very important.

3) You can smoke while volunteering, but you must do so outside and wash your hands before you get back to work. Just like any workplace, cleanliness is very important here.

4) SMILE! Our patrons aren’t here to be served a meal by grumpy people. They want to interact and chat with our volunteers. So don’t give them the cold shoulder!